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Top 8 thing to do in Vietnam worth your visit

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01- Hoi An ancient town

If you are visiting Vietnam then this is a must visit for anyone who is looking forward to learning more about its culture. Hoi An Ancient Town is placed very conveniently on the sides of a river and if you want to take in the picturesque scenery then walking would be the best option for you. Both sides of the streets are filled with beautiful ancient building. Just walking around the place will fill you with an old world charm. The place is full of hawkers. If you are looking to buy things that are significant to the Vietnamese culture than this is the place for you. But be sure to bargain well or you will be made a fool quite easily. The place also has many different food halts and restaurants that you can stop for some authentic Vietnamese. Hoi an ancient town is definitely one of the best places for a walking tour.

02- Snorkeling

‘The snorkeling here is good and is still a quite fun. You can see the seahorses and the Nudibranch on the Phu Quoc as well as the canyon sponges. One can also snorkel from shore on a Con Dao. You also cannot compare Fiji and New Zealand with Vietnam as they are of different temperature and different geographical area also with different water temperatures, etc. One can surely, but gives it a try if they wish as it would be a perfect fun too for snorkeling over here I the Ho Chi Minh City. However, that is you would find some of the best snorkeling beaches. For the Vietnam, your choices are limited for snorkeling, but the Nha Trang or the Phu Quoc is more recommended. Also in the DA Nang area, you have the Cham Island that can be said as an OK during some time of the year.

03- Trekking

‘There is the Abandoned Valley in a remote area of the world heritage Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which is traversed by a part of the famous Ho Chi Minh trail. This tour takes into the 12km of the Ho Chi Minh trail, exploring the Vietnamese tropical forest and also an experiencing the history of the Vietnam that is the American war as you trek all along the narrow track. One can explore the other exit of the now famous a Dark cave, swim in a crystal clear natural spring and explore an unpeel Hang E, one of the most beautiful river caves in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. One can trek here under the guidance of an internationally qualified local tour guide, with the support of a team of the local porters, the trekking tour here represents a great opportunity to get into the jungle and experience an authentic Vietnam whilst also supporting employment for local people through their help as the trekking guides here.

04- Kayaking

The Kayaking activity in the Ho Chi Minh City is a great fun thing and a great activity to do by the travelers. Kayaking here may be changed to afternoon, depending on the tide. Ho Chi Minh City is proud to be the Kayak Organizer in Saigon and Mekong Delta. Kayaking here ranges from one to two hours (depending on your request). The best place for the Kayaking in the Ho Chi Minh City is the famous Saigon River here. The weather here is extremely calm and quiet. As for the any sort of Kayaking inquiry if the traveler got any such in their minds, it is to say to them that the Kayaking is such an activity which needs no any previous sort of an experience of it. All one needs is just the paddling which everyone can do easily. Kayaking in Mekong Delta in The Ho Chi Minh City is specially designed for those who want to spend more times to explore this wet region.

05- Hue Citadel

It goes without saying that the Imperial City, Hue has some promising places to visit and attractions to see. Deeply steeped in history, it comprises of some of the rich historical and architectural facets that attracts the attention of the locals and tourists alike. It goes without saying that the Imperial City, Hue has some promising places to visit and attractions to see. Deeply steeped in history, it comprises of some of the rich historical and architectural facets that attracts the attention of the locals and tourists alike.
Night opened from 7pm-10 from April till September since 2017
Highlights: Some of the prominent places of attractions include the Imperial Citadel, the imperial tombs, the Thien Mu Pagoda, etc. Every visitor would love to be a part of the culture and heritage reflected through this beautiful place. In addition to that, it also offers the opportunity to carry out hosts of activities like boat riding or shopping in the local markets. A motorbike tour can also be a great point of interest.

06- Ho Chi Minh Mausoleam

The body of Ho Chi Minh is preserved here so people visit to see that. There are many type of restrictions by the authority here such as you need to follow the dress code, be silent and walk in straight lines. Hands must be in pocket and arms should not be crossed. Apart from that no smoking, drinking or eating.

07- Elephant waterfall in Hue

Mentioning about Hue, people may immediately think of an imperial city with a lot of historical relics, the magnificent Forbidden City, and a number of mysterious mausoleums of the Nguyen Dynasty. However, it is the established thinking, though.

Traveling a little bit further to the surrounding areas of Hue, a totally different world with breath-taking scenery, fresh air and fascinating natural creatures is displayed. A prime example for the beauty is SuoiVoi (Elephant Spring), which is hidden away in Loc Tien Commune, Phu Loc District.

The attraction is located 60km from the inner of Hue, 40km from Da Nang city, and be the most suitable for a day trip. Although it is called a spring, SuoiVoi is more like a network of pure springs, boulders, mountains and jungle, which are in combination to create a natural wonder. The fresh and clear water easily allure tourists to jump into and swim as soon as arriving, especially on a hot day of summer, while the big rocks here are too good for a full stretch to enjoy the sunshine.
The most mysterious and also the highlight of the attraction is a big rock shaped like a giant elephant with a long trunk. According to legend, in a spring, when the weather was warm, hundreds of elephant from Bach Ma Mountain came to this stream to find cassava shrubs and other foods. Oddly, they only visited this one season and never come back. The elephants left their marks in the shape of large holes surrounding the spring, which over time filled with water to become small pools.

Visiting SuoiVoi, tourists can enjoy accommodation at bamboo huts built by local people on the two sides of the stream, appreciatingthe natural soundtrack and the idyllic scene.

08- Hang Son Doong in Phong Nha

Hang Son Doong (Mountain River Cave) is known as the world’s largest cave, and is one of the most spectacular sights in Southeast Asia. The government only approved (very restricted) access to the cave system in June 2013. The only specialist operator permitted (by the Vietnamese president no less) to lead tours here is Son Trach–based Oxalis.

Son Doong is no day-trip destination, it’s in an extremely remote area and the only way to visit is by booking a seven-day expedition with around 16 porters. It costs US$3000 per person, with a maximum of 10 trekkers on each trip.

This enormous cave was discovered quite recently. Ho Khanh, a hunter from a jungle settlement close to the Vietnam–Laos border, would often take shelter in the caves that honeycomb his mountain homeland. He stumbled across gargantuan Hang Son Doong in the early 1990s, but the sheer scale and majesty of the principal cavern (more than 5km long, 200m high and, in some places, 150m wide) was only confirmed as the world’s biggest cave when British explorers returned with him in 2009.

The expedition team’s biggest obstacle was to find a way over a vast overhanging barrier of muddy calcite they dubbed the ‘Great Wall of Vietnam’, which divided the cave. Once they did, its true scale was revealed – a cave big enough to accommodate a battleship. Sections of it are pierced by skylights that reveal formations of ethereal stalagmites that cavers have called the Cactus Garden. Some stalagmites are up to 80m high. Colossal cave pearls have been discovered, measuring 10cm in diameter, formed by millenniums of drips, as calcite crystals fused with grains of sand. Magnificent rimstone pools are present throughout the cave.