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From clam rice to fried frog : Hue’s 9 essential street foods

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Most visitors to Hue will sample the city’s most famous dishes: Bun Bo Hue, com hen(clam rice) banh my (baguette). But beyond the three best street food, the capital’s food scene is as diverse as it is adventurous. Here are 10 of Hue’s essential street eats, with something for both the brave and faint of stomach.

1-Bun thit nuong (BBQ pork with fresh rice noodle )

Forget bun cha ca Hanoi and grilled pork noodle soup is Hue’s classic comfort food. A standard bowl comes with rice noodles (bun),baby mustard, lettuce, bean sprout, pickle of carrot and green papaya, sometimes cucumber, and peanut dipping sauce that accompany most Hue special dishes. Key ingredients in the peanut sauce are roasted peanut and sesame, pork liver, hoisin sauce and peanut butter , giving it a nice kick. This dish can be found all over Hue, but a bowl at Dong Ba Market is a little spicier and more flavourful than other varieties. You can also have it at Huyen Anh restaurant at 207 Kim Long for a good dishes too

2-Hue-style barbecue

A Hue barbecue street food is a little like a farmers market, but with more squid and cow udders. A popular barbecue at 89 Ba Trieu st has a good selection of loin pork, frog, and seafood. After choosing from the mystery meats, pull up a stool and get grilling on one of the mini burners with charcoal that are placed at each table. Another barbecue at 59 Nguyen Chi Dieu offers tasty American beef ribs, belly with Korean’s style

3-Ech Xao Sa

Like pork stomach salads, frog is not an uncommon ingredient in Vietnamese dishes. For the dish ech xao sa, frog is mixed with stir-fried lemongrass, onion, spring onion and wood ear mushroom. Other options include lau ech (Frog hot pot served with green vegetable and noodle. This is the most order when people eat out and drink

4-Banh Khoai

Banh Khoai is part crepe, part pancake and 100% delicious. The Hue version of the savoury rice-flour cake is filled with prawns, pork sausage, carrot, straw mushroom and bean sprouts, served with assorted greens, cucumber, and sour mango or papaya, fig… Scissors are often supplied to help diners cut up the crispy banh khoai. Served with Hue peanut dipping sauce “nuoc leo” .Most banh khoai places also serve nem lui, grilled pork sausages, which can be eaten in the same fashion.Banh Khoai Lac Thien at 6 Dinh Tien Hoang st is the top choice. Hong mai restaurant at 78 Dinh Tien Hoang also a good place to eat Banh Khoai

5-Banh trang tron

For a unique local food experience, head to Duong ray Ngu Binh, An Cuu ward. You’ll see a woman on the side of the street with a charcoal burner and the other table closet is filled with raw ingredients.This food are sold every day, and mostly feeds hungry teenager for the afternoon snack. This speciality is banh trang tron: thick, flat dried glass rice noodles topped with sausage, fried fish stick, carrot, green mango, peanuts, leafy vegetables and dressing sweet fishsauce

6-Chao ga, chao bo

For local, these are afternoon snack and very popular at many places in and out city. They served both chicken or beef porridge. Beside that chicken salad is a good dish to try if you want .You can find this easy with chicken leg up side dơn from a distant
Street stall by Dap Da is good choice also those on Tran quang Khai st is good

7-Nem lui

This lemongrass skewers pork sausage is another Hue top speciality. Minced pork with fat top on lemongrass stick and grilled on charcoal. Served with green, cucumber, mint, baby mustard, pickled carot and green papaya, fig rolled in rice paper as summer roll and dip in Hue peanut dipping sauce made from roasted peanut and sesame, pork liver, peanut butter, hoisin sauce. Hong Mai restaurant at 78 Dinh Tien Hoang st, Hanh restaurant at 11 Pho Duc Chinh

8-Banh beo, nam, loc

Talk about Hue food, local people know these savory rice cake in banana leaves are not to be missed
Banh beo is water ferncake served on top small like clam bowl top with minced dry shrimp and pork skin. sweet light fish sauce on the side for added in
Banh Nam is rice savory steamed in banana leaves also with minced shrimp and pork
Banh loc is tapioca savory in banana leaves but with whole shrimp and piece pork fat
Afternoon is the right time for these
Ba Do at 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem or Chi at 58 Le Viet Luong and Cung An Dinh are places most people looking for


To finish off with something sweet, try che, a sweet soup made from many kind of bean, taro, fruit, lotus seed, and tapioca cover coconut and top with coconut cream and nut sometimes dried coconut, available in many variations. On a Saturday afternoon, a che stall at 67 Tran Hung Dao st near the Citadel or che hem at 1k29 Hung Vuong stbuzzes with young people. Crushed ice is served on the side so that the level of sweetness can be adjusted to suit individual tastes.